IMAGOspaces | What is an IMAGO?

What is an IMAGO?

An IMAGO is large, beautifully-printed imagery that is used to recreate rooms and spaces. Over the last few years, it's increasingly popular for people and companies to use large, beautifully-printed images for use as large-format wall art/wall decor. An IMAGO is on a whole new level, and we are taking these large prints and they are creating beautifully designed spaces. 

  • Decor (standard or custom images)
  • Room Divider (basement divider, garage divider, office divider, etc.)
  • Organization (garage organization, basement organization, room organization, warehouse organization, etc.)
  • Recreate Spaces (create an office, workshop, workout room, craft room, lab space, warehouse space, etc.) 
Room Divider & Decor (Divide Garage & Hide Garage Storage)
IMAGO | love your space | Garage Organization, Garage Divider, Hide Garage Storage

Organization (Divide Basement | Hide Basement Storage)

IMAGO | love your space | basement organization, hide basement storage, basement divider 
Decor & Recreate Spaces (Divide Basement & Basement Office)
IMAGO | love your space | Divide Basement, Basement Office, Basement Organization

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