IMAGO | What are materials, tools, and accessories for IMAGO projects?

IMAGO | love your space | Tool and Accessories for IMAGO installation

Materials, Tools, and Accessories of an IMAGO installation.

  1. Battery operated drill 
  2. Drill bits
  3. Screws and anchors
  4. Hooks
  5. Chalk line
  6. Utility knife or craft knife
  7. A variation of zip ties
  8. A manual measuring tape or digital measuring tape
  9. Metal wire
  10. Heavy stapler gun and staples
  11. Rebar round
  12. 90 degree metal brackets 
Installing an IMAGO is unique for each installation situation. A lot of things will overlap from project to project, but if you come across a cool installation process or different tools that really make the installation process easy, please send in a review and photos to share and spread the good word.

If you ever have any questions, please reach out by emailing IMAGOspaces at

IMAGO | love your space | Tools and Accessories Part #2

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