Our Story

Before IMAGOspaces, wall art and other forms of large-format imagery were being used for decor purposes, but not much more. Well, much like the beginning of many products or businesses, a problem sparked an idea for a solution. 

IMAGOspaces Story
The founder's wife took dibs on the upstairs office, and similar to the "triple-dog-dare," who dares to challenge first-dibs. So, the current option was to setup a basement office. The basement was wide open, so the setting wasn't suitable for office privacy. They thought about remodeling and construction; that was just too much cash, work, and time, based on their busy lives. Construction and renovation is also too permanent, and financially it didn't make sense to pour $10,000-$50,000 into the basement; if they wanted to sell, they would never get that money back.

So, with not many options at their disposal, IMAGOspaces was conceived. They decided to use visually stimulating, large-format imagery to redesign and recreate their basement space for the function and decor they desired.

IMAGO | love your space | Basement Divider | Basement Organization

Since the original idea, we have also developed and will continue to create new products using visually stimulating large-format imagery.

IMAGO | love your space | Garage Divider | Hide Garage Storage | Garage Organizer

Hide storage, room dividers, create office space, create a workshop space, create a craft room space, create a workout space, create a man cave, create a sports room, and more.

Artist Designed and Celebrity Endorsed Backdrops/Backgrounds for TikTokers, YouTubers, Video Podcasters, Gamers, Videographers, Photographers, and Musicians.

Standard Designs

  • Faux designs
  • Fluid Art Designs
  • Mural Art Designs
  • Graffiti Art Designs
  • Psychedelic Art Designs

Custom Designs
(Complete customization is available upon request)

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