IMAGO | How to install your IMAGO as wall decor?

Installing an IMAGO is DIY, so if you determine another way to install is better, please send in a review and photo. No way is the right way, and it would be great for the IMAGO community to share installation and setup successes.

This is the most simple installation:

  1. Attach a 1” x 2" board on the ceiling or wall where you plan to hang the IMAGO.
  2. Then, there are several methods to attach the IMAGO to the board. (staples, small nails, hooks, etc.)

This is a convenient type of installation due to the ease of swapping it out for a new Imago design, which can be achieved in minutes.

Board Installation Examples:

IMAGO | love your space | Install Board for IMAGO Decor Art, IMAGO Wall Art, IMAGO Wall Mural


Finished Looks
IMAGO | love your space | Finished IMAGO Wall Decor Installations | IMAGO Wall Murals | IMAGO Wall Art


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