IMAGO | How to install an IMAGO as a divider?

Example Installs
IMAGO | love your space | IMAGO Examples

When it shows up at your door:

The average IMAGO is about 7.5 feet tall and 18 feet wide, so as you might expect, when it shows up at your door it is quite large. To avoid creases and maintain the highest overall quality standards, IMAGO’s are shipped rolled and special delivered in 9 foot long tubes. The tube diameter depends on the width or length of the ordered IMAGO.

IMAGO | love your space | Packaging and Delivery | Tube: 9 ft long x 6 - 10" diameter

We recommend previewing the IMAGO before starting installation process. Unroll your IMAGO, preview it, and think about the installation before you start.

If you have questions, please email support at

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