IMAGO | How to create corners/edges?

There are a few ways to create sharp corners. During your install, if you find some cool and new ways to create corners and edges, please share a review and photos so others can use the good ideas.

Round Rebar Corner

  1. Using a utility knife or a craft knife, create a small opening in the bottom corner of the IMAGO.
  2. Slide one weighted Rebar or round steel into IMAGO rod pocket on one side of the IMAGO
  3. Slide a second weighted Rebar or round steel into the IMAGO rod pocket on the other side, creating a 90 degree angle between the pieces of Rebar or round steel. 
IMAGO | love your space | Creating corners and edges

90 Degree Brackets

  1. Hold the bracket behind the corner, and put a slit just above the bracket.
  2. Hold in place by using zip ties.
  3. This bracket will produce a nice sharp corner
IMAGO | love your space | Setup corners with 90 Degree Bracket

Finished Look

IMAGO | love your spaces | Basement Divider, Basement Office, Basement Organization


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